Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brand Smart

The adage “Don’t work hard, work smart” to get anywhere in the corporate world has now become passé. Lately a new mantra has taken over  “Work smart Brand smarter.” . You are what you portray to be and we have realized that appearances do matter. We are on a move from working hard to working smart and now the time has come for us to brand ourselves well. It has been 3 and half years in this industry and we have branded a lot of companies ignoring our own.
That is precisely why we have decided to literally turn over a new leaf in 2011 and position ourselves exactly where we want to be in the coming years. Today we have taken the 1st step by advertising ourselves on Sortfolio . You can check us out at and 
Sortfolio is an interesting website that acts as a platform between the users and the web designers. You can either publish your portfolio for free with some limitations or pay $99 a month to showcase your work with description. And that’s exactly what we are doing, show casing the world some of our best works in the field of web designing.
Now we are just hoping the world sees us through the barrage of other portfolios that are lined up and get us where we need to go and that’s the top :)

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