Monday, December 27, 2010

Adios 2010

Bidding goodbye to a year that was... a great year of learning and experimenting for all of us at Unplugged …2010.
We made the transition from a close knit foursome to a complete 12 member team, a transition that transformed the way Unplugged works in more ways than one and always for the better.
New ideas brought in its wake a framework for new companies to be nourished, all of them now at an infant stage learning to survive the out of womb experience which we all hope will specialize in its category in the time to come...
A lot more ideas died down and failed to see light of the day but brought with it a new hope of something better, all of which taught us never to stop trying to bring new ideas to this world even when there are gazillion ideas already.
We also want to acknowledge our clients who have helped spurt our growth by tirelessly providing us projects throughout the year and all that comes with it (if you know what i mean) :)
2010 brought with it a lot of new clients as well who have heralded in a fresh promise of growth and learning.
The year gone by has left us with knowledge, experience and a deeper insight which we hope to carry on to 2011 and make it another fruitful & rewarding year for everyone at Unplugged and anyone remotely associated with it.
We look forward to another gifted year complete with its promise of new and exciting projects and services to be launched, loads of new people to join us, and changing how the world sees and perceives design.
We are ready to step up our game and make Unplugged the most sought after design agency in India and possibly the world.
We are ready for 2011.
Bring it on.